Publications in English

War on War! Declaration of Internationalists against the War in Ukraine (2014, HTML)

About us (2012, HTML)

Instead of Proletarian Struggles (2009, HTML)

History of the Class Struggle in Hungary 1919-1945 (2008, HTML)

Jacques Camatte: The Democratic Mystification (2006, PDF)

Ervin Szabó and the Syndicalist Attempts in Hungary (2006, PDF)

The Anarchist Group of Budapest (2006, PDF)

Lajos Kassák: A Man’s Life… in the Proletarian Movement (2006, HTML)

Critical Remarks on Martyn Everett’s „War and Revolution” (2006, PDF)

Connections... (2006, HTML)

Rouse?! (2006, HTML)

Spend Your Blood! (2006, HTML)

Bill Lomax: Hungary 1956 (2006, HTML)

The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists (1999/2005, HTML)

Cornelius Castoriadis: The Hungarian Source (2005, HTML)

A Proletarian Poet from Hungary: Attila József (2005, HTML)

Ervin Batthyány: Socialism and Anarchism (2005, HTML)

Bukharin and Anarchism (2005, HTML)

The Reality of the Nightmare (2005, HTML)

Ervin Szabó: Marx and Bakunin (2005, HTML)

András Szalay: About Anarchism (2005, HTML)

Progress Report (2005, HTML)

Debate with the International Communist Current (2004, HTML)

Otto Rühle: The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism (2004, HTML)

Spontaneous Proletarian Organisation on the Territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, 1918-19. (1999, HTML)

Anarchism – The Struggle Continues (1998, HTML)